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Learn About the RapidTagXL

The world of screen printing has changed drastically over several years. At ASPE, we are passionate about the screen printing industry and have dedicated a lot of time and research into creating products that are better than the other machines out there. We feel that it’s important to deal with the best technology possible. You can produce a lot of different things using a silk screen printer – but if you don’t have the right one, you won’t be able to push your business to the limits. We are all about innovation. The products that we produce are a game changer – once you find out about what the capacity of our printers are, you will be able to improve your own ... (read more)

Tag-less Labels versus Woven Tags
Did you ever find the perfect knit top, love the color, the fabric, the way it looks in the store and buy it; just to find out that the label in ... (read more)

Clothing Industry Evolution: Woven Tags to Tag-less Labels
There is no specific time when clothes were used by people. Experts only knew that humans are the remaining kinds of primates and they used clothes in order to give them... (read more)

Reasons Why Tag-Less Labels Are Used Rather Than Woven Tags
There are many reasons why clothing industry consider tag-less labels instead of hang tags. Tag-less labels are much cheaper compared to hang tags. It doesn’t require any paper or material ... (read more)

Popular Promo Products
The use of promotional products is an effective method for boosting the popularity of the sales of any company’s products, and for visibility. It is necessary for businesses to know the types of ... (read more)



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LP1 (Single Color Machine, Max Print Size 6 x 6 Inch LP1 (Single Color Machine, Max Print Size 6 x 6 Inch LP2 (Dual Color Automatic Unloading System, Max Print Size 6 x 6 inch LP4 (Four Color Machine, Max Print Size 6 x 6 inch) LP2XL (Dual Color Machine, Max Print Size 12 x 12 inch